This blog is an offshoot of my UNIX / Linux Shell Scripting tutorial.

Whilst that is a relatively static document, updated maybe a few times per month, here I intend to post short snippets on a regular basis. The kind of thing that you’d just want to add to your RSS feed, to get new ideas about things.

My main website is at http://steve-parker.org/, but in this blog I post most of what I know about Unix and Linux, whenever something interesting happens in a real-life situation. It may well turn out to be as much about sysadmin as about the *nix shell itself, but the two are closely related.

My company is SGP IT Consultancy Ltd; we offer a wide range of Unix/Linux consultancy services, including training on a wide variety of topics. Courses can be customised to your needs, and are hosted at various sites around the UK, or we can provide on-site training at your own location.

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  1. Jason Fink says:

    Just saw your comments on myspace regarding closing your account. I have been wondering if it is worth the hassle as well. I setup a myspace account just to see what – if anything – would come of it and so far you are the *only* person I have found remotely interesting. As you said (and probably in reference to me) no offense. It makes more sense to submit interesting stuff to sites like LXer or rootprompt which actually a) care and b) won’t flood pr0n emails.

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