lsof, fuser, nohup, disown, bg, fg, and jobs

February 4, 2011

Bit of a cheeky one here – what does anybody want to know about these topics?

There is a book in the pipeline, and I have lots to say about all these things, but am very interested to hear what you think is easy / hard / intuitive / arcane / stupid about these commands and the whole job control side of Unix/Linux and the different shells.

lsof is great, but almost only GNU/Linux; fuser is good, but restricted in how much it actually tells you – you have to go digging into PIDs to see what has to be KILLed or otherwise dealt with.

What, oh faithful few who may still be following this terribly intermittent blog, do you want to see on the subject of processes and job control in the *nix shell?