Shell Scripting Recipes

This is just a heads-up that my Shell Scripting Recipes book is due out in August 2011.

I hope to publish more details here as things progress; for now, it is well on the way, but it is not too late for readers to contact me ( if there is anything that you see as vital for a Shell Scripting Recipes book which was maybe missing from some other book you saw.
Shell Scripting Recipes by Steve Parker

Part I covers Language and Usage; all of the concepts of the Shell and how it works.
Part II is Recipes using System Tools. This covers the commands that are necessary for shell scripting, and includes quite a few surprising ways to use them.
Part III is Recipes using Shell Features. This is similar to Part II but it gives concrete uses for the theory presented in Part I.
Part IV is Recipes for Systems Administration. This provides (and explains) various recipes for real-world systems administration tasks of and beyond the ordinary.

I do intend to keep you appraised of progress; you can also follow my personal blog at for more detailed updates. The RSS feed for that blog is

5 Responses to Shell Scripting Recipes

  1. Mel says:

    Is this book also getting a uk release?
    I have bought your Bourne/Bash scripting tutorial from your website, and currently reading it through now. So far i have found it to be excellent!

  2. Steve Parker says:

    yes, it is also listed on the uk amazon site as well as waterstones, whsmith etc.

  3. unixshell says:

    Hi Mel,

    I’m glad you are enjoying the tutorial. I have heard back from the publishers that the book will be available “globally”, which is a fairly vague term; lists the book as being available in the UK at least, and from the “Change Location” link there, it seems to happily list US$ prices for South Korea and Cambodia, Euros for Denmark, and so on, so that seems fairly global.

  4. unixshell says:

    I am collating all relevant information about the upcoming book at ( also points there) so all relevant news should be available from both of those URLs from now on. provides links to various online vendors, but with Waterstones, WHSmith, Barnes & Noble and other vendors onboard, it seems likely that you should be able to pick up a copy very easily.

    If you have any problem at all in getting hold of a copy, please contact me ( and I will arrange whatever I can.


  5. Steve Parker says:

    The book is now available at Amazon ( and other bookshops. It seems that it can take a few weeks for copies to wing their way around the planet, so UK availability looks like mid-September, for example. Latest updates available at

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