I use vi every day; to me, there is no better text editor. It is apparently a little intimidating for the newcomer, though…. here’s a beginner’s guide to the VI editor.

I would write one of these, but – much as I love vi, and I really do, everyone who uses vi, seems to have their own experience of it, and their own shortcuts. We’ve all got our own quirks. One thing’s for sure; vi is not notepad!

2 Responses to vi

  1. Dave Escobar says:

    I start drooling every time I use the :help, need to use it a bit more frequently though.. If I want to stand a chance of ever remembering even 10% of its incredible array of commands!!

  2. unixshell says:

    Agree entirely; at least I’m not in danger of reaching the limits of vi!

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