Shell Cheatsheet

There doesn’t seem to be any decent shell CheatSheet out there, so I have undertaken to write one.

This is my first attempt; once I actually printed it out, I realised that the the font was actually rather large, so I had room to include much more than I had originally sketched out.

Cheatsheet You may notice that there are a lot of blanks; Shell Cheatsheet has the same content, with some ideas for new content. Please tell me what you want to see in there – There is still lots of room, it’s only about 60% full.

What would you fill the other 40% with?

Does this seem to be a useful cribsheet? What would you like to see in it?

Also, what format would you prefer? PDF? PNG? GIF? DOC?!


4 Responses to Shell Cheatsheet

  1. mirovlad says:

    I would add a bit about arrays — eg. definition and looping

  2. unixshell says:

    Ah; good point.

    I tend to stick to what works in traditional Bourne shell (which doesn’t have arrays), but there’s room enough for the “modern” shell – bash in particular to have their own section.

  3. shellmariachi says:

    nice effort 🙂

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