Interactive Bash keystrokes

Sorry, another link to an external site. I will get some good hints and tips back on here soon, I promise.

In the meantime, here’s a summary of bash keyboard shortcuts, for those of us who use Bash, be it under Linux or any other OS.

It seems interesting to me, that a few years ago, only Linux users used Bash (because it was the default, being a GNU shell), whilst now, most UNIX users I know, use Bash (because it’s so flexible, particularly for interactive use), whilst Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distro, uses dash as /bin/sh. Dash is Posix compliant, but omits a few features that Bash enjoys. Debian notes that “‘bash’ is a better shell for most users, since it has some nice features absent from ‘dash’, and is a required part of the system.”


One Response to Interactive Bash keystrokes

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